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blurb is an online art, culture and lifestyle magazine and collective. We curate and create an unlimited medium for artists and invite like minded people to share their thoughts, perspectives and works with the public. At the heart of it, blurb is about the shared experience of life. The online magazine and collective hopes to showcase this and become an accessible archive of art, culture and lifestyle for everyone.

One of the driving forces behind what we do is the recognition of the gaps and binaries behind art in Singapore, and the desire to bridge such. We believe that art is in the everyday - it is both in creation and consumption, it is in our culture and lifestyle. There shouldn't exist the notion that only "artists" (a structural concept; an occupation) can create or contribute. We think that interest, perception, and passion prevail. There is no "art" vs "non-art". Creativity, love and appreciation prevail over any binaries or labels.

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