We keep an eye out for any interesting and perceptive ideas, pitches and contributions. If you have something you are proud of and wish to showcase on our platform, contact us at blurbcollective@gmail.com or @blurb.mag on Instagram. We will be able to send you a PDF of our contributor guidelines and submission process.

submissions /general/ 

  • all mediums and manners, including interactive digital art, spoken word, photo montages, blogs, vlogs or even doodles.

  • fresh and original works reflecting intention

  • perspectives on our world, societies and the shared human condition.

process /general/ 

  • we work with individuals who may or may not already have a work they want to submit, based on their profile and previous works. We then prompt, suggest, and work with these artists/contributors in forming ideas for the submission, if they don't already have a pitch in mind.

  • alternatively, the artists/contributors pitch to us, and the idea is finalised. Upon the first draft, we fine tune and curate it to align with blurb.

*largely flexible process, as we work differently but closely with each individual. We appreciate pitches but are open to creating ideas together!*

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